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scotchcamp tonite!

95524589_b04adf2594.jpgphoto by asmunder

the torcamp scotchcamp holiday social will be happening tonight at allen’s on the danforth, from 8pm onwards. stop in to warm up from the cold, and share a bit of cheer. as well, allen’s has a fine selection of over 160 scotches, whiskies and bourbons, and plenty of other options for those whose palate marches to a different drum. and also there’s great food! see you there!

  • when: december 17, 8pm
  • where: allen’s on the danforth, 143 danforth ave (just east of broadview, south side)

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media lab toronto is born!


casecamp6 took place last tuesday at the century room, and was a really incredible night full of awesome cases, announcements and people. eli has really raised level of conversation and built a fantastic community around casecamp, which has now partnered with achilles media (the producers of nextMedia). congrats to all – and looking forward to the future. tom has some great notes on the evening as well!

media lab toronto also presented their inaugural project – TXTris, an interactive SMS projection where text messages sink down from the sky onto a hilarious toronto skyline made of tim horton’s boxes. congrats to patrick, gabe, michael and dory, and i can’t wait to see where this will go!!

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the luck of seven needs you


or rather it needs your $11.11.

and actually it’s noel hidalgo who needs your money. and you should give it to him.

noel left nyc on july 7 2007 to travel the seven continents for seven months, talking to people and “documenting free culture, social innovation and global change.” he’s been through europe, the north of africa, the middle east and is currently in delhi. this journey has been funded entirely by noel asking for donations of $11.11 from 700 people around the global. his adventures – in the form of microblogging, vcasts, photos and blogs – can be found here, here, here and here.

why should you donate? because i don’t know anyone else with the passion, brains and balls to take on such a journey. that’s the biggest reason. scott trudeau can provide you with a few others, but honestly, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to contribute to an amazing project. it’s crazy, mind you, but noel inspires and challenges us all to reconsider what kinds of change we’re capable of. dude. he rawks.

donate here

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the re-emergence of the guild, pt one


over the past while i’ve been brushing up on my history of craft for a course i’m teaching in september, and i keep coming back to an idea that first emerged back in the winter. i’m glad it wasn’t lost, and regret that it’s only now i’m getting to it ‘cos i think it might be neat. i’d love to know what you think.

a broad swath of the tech-and-media-enabled communities that we see and participate in today demonstrate patterns that relate quite strongly to various guild systems of the past, collecting, controlling and propagating both codified and experiential knowledge to direct members and indirect affiliates.

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Open Cities Registration Begins!

super exciting day! open cities registration begins!!

Open Cities came out of observations and conversations about issues that affect many of us, slowly growing into a desire to think about the kinds of questions and possibilities around what ‘open’ means and what it enables. A big kudos to Mark Kuznicki, who first looped me into the conversation. The passionate people/participants/citizens organizing Open Cities hope to facilitate

a weekend-long web of conversation and celebration that asks: how do we collaboratively add more open to the urban landscape we share? What happens when people working on open source, public space, open content, mash up art, and open business work together? How do we make Toronto a magnet for people playing with the open meme?”

Open Cities is premised around an unconference format – participant driven with sessions unscheduled til the day of. Open Cities aspires to be the first of many, locally and internationally. If you are interested in participating, the only caveat is that both feet must be in the conversation. As well, we expect spaces to fill up rather quickly so please go and sign up asap! And huge thanks to the Centre for Social Innovation and Fort York for their generous sponsorship! And some amazing preliminary press from BoingBoing (thx cory!) and BlogTO

Pass it along. Post it! Ping it! Pay it forward!

  • 23 June 9am-6pm: Open Cities unconference, Centre for Social Innovation, 215 Spadina
  • 23 June 6pm-9pm: Open Cities BBQ, Fort York
  • 24 June 12pm-7pm: PS Kensington/Open Cities Collaboration, Kensington Mkt

ps- i didn’t think i’d make it to Open Cities due to a scheduling conflict, but things have cleared up. :)

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Enterprise Camp and Toronto Tech Week – Coming Soon

Monday May 28 marks the beginning of Toronto Tech Week, a five day event that positions itself as a week-long showcase and celebration of the Toronto ICT sector’s success and innovation. Big thanks to Dave Forde (among many, many others) for organizing. A number of amazing events are happening, including mesh, the Canadian New Media Awards, a conference on Canadian Municipal Wireless and many other opportunities to learn and network. Get out there and participate!

logoUnfortunately for my participation, the Beal Institute is holding an internal charrette* that week, which limits what I’ll be able to do. I’ll be missing most of the events (oh malheur!), but will be a part of EnterpriseCamp. Organized by Thomas Purves, my favourite Toronto-based social media/enterprise consultant, the day-long event will be held at the Metro Convention Centre and feature opening keynotes with Anthony Williams (co-author of Wikinomics) and John Bruce (CEO of iUpload), as well as a day of participant-driven workshops in true camp form. Registration is still open (go register! go now!) and workshop proposals are still being accepted! It’s shaping up to be a great session, with smart and relevant content, affordable registration and community focus. A really fantastic opportunity to meet and discuss ideas around implementing 2.0 technologies and practices in organization and enterprise.

* Beal charrettes are like an otherworldly holiday from normal work for us. A week-long intensive workshop around a particular theme/technology/behaviour/brief, they consist of competing teams who pour their hearts and minds into concept generation, insight and foresight plans, strategic IP development, actionable disclosures and whatever else emerges over the course of 6-9 days. They are a really fantastic opportunity to work intensely with people as a means to build strong relationships, play off each others’ talents, reveal and create new forms of tacit and explicit knowledge, delve both deep and broad into a particular area, develop radical ideas for strategies and frame them for implementation, etc, etc. woohoo – here we go!

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