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I am a designer and researcher focusing on digital strategy, collaborative innovation and human-centred foresight. I am the Director of the Mobile Experience Innovation Centre, a non-profit organization dedicated to design leadership, experiential and applied research in Canada’s mobile industry. I’ve provided expertise and advising over the past 8 years for a wide range of local and international organizations in the educational, non-profit and private sectors. I sit on the Board of Directors for Wireless Toronto, a community-driven initiative dedicated to providing open wireless access in urban Toronto. My background is in material culture and goldsmithing, and I am sessional faculty at OCAD. I am a co-founder of the Toronto chapter of O’Reilly Media’s acclaimed Ignite! speaker series, and have produced and advised for conferences across North America.

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7 responses to “about

  1. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Michele – the Mobile Experience Innovation Centre sounds like an exciting forum to push the mobile user experience forward. I’d like to chat with you about it. Our website http://www.Cellphonist.com strives to show people how to use their cell phones and how to use new mobile services.

  3. Nick

    Hi Michelle – could i use your amazing Canal Du Midi picture for my companies travel website ?

    could we discuss ? –

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  7. hein

    Hi – LOVE your insight and comments abouts the arts and crafts movement. I came about this whilst researching for a restaurant i have just started running right next to the church of the arts and crafts movement on sloane square, london. As i have a degree in architecture, I try to make the utmost of combining it with the restaurant. So, when in London, pop in to the Chelsea Brasserie. thanks again, hein

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